Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Faulty Garage Door

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One of the best ways to improve the security around your residence is by making sure your garage doors are in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, many homeowners take this for granted. It’s easy to ignore a faulty garage door – after all, it’s not like it’s going to cause an emergency or anything. But did you know that a broken garage door can actually lead to some serious security risks? So with this in mind, let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t ignore a faulty garage door and how to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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The importance of a garage door and the risks of not fixing a faulty garage door

When you think about how often your garage door is used, this statistic should worry you. Your garage door is one of the most important entry points to your home and is crucial to protecting your family and belongings. It’s also one of the most vulnerable since it’s often left unsecured and unmonitored. If your garage door is broken, it’s easy for burglars to simply walk in and help themselves to your belongings. In fact, a study by the Insurance Information Institute found that nearly 30% of all burglaries occur through an unlocked door or window.

A broken garage door can also be a safety hazard. If the door is stuck open, it could allow animals or intruders into your home. And if the door is stuck closed, you could be trapped inside in the event of an emergency.

The benefits of having a properly functioning garage door

There are plenty of reasons to keep your garage door in good working order. For one thing, it will deter burglars from targeting your home. A well-maintained garage door is also less likely to break down, which can save you money on repairs.

But perhaps the most important reason to keep your garage door in good condition is for your own safety and security. A properly functioning garage door will help to ensure that you and your family can get in and out of your home safely.

How to tell if your garage door is faulty

There are a few signs that your garage door may be in need of repair. If the door is making strange noises, or if it’s not opening and closing smoothly, there could be an issue. If the door is visibly damaged, such as a crack in the door panel, that’s also a sign that it needs to be repaired.

If you notice any of these issues, don’t ignore them. These problems are only going to get worse over time, and they could eventually lead to a serious security breach or safety hazard.

How to fix a broken garage door

If you find yourself with a broken garage door, don’t ignore the problem. There are a few things you can do to fix the issue:

  1. Check the tracks for any obstructions or damage.
  2. Inspect the springs and cables for any signs of wear and tear.
  3. Lubricate all of the moving parts to keep them working smoothly.
  4. Adjust the sensors so that they’re properly aligned.
  5. Test the door opener to make sure it’s working properly.

If you’re not comfortable attempting these repairs on your own, you can always contact a professional garage door repair service to help you out. In most cases, they’ll be able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently, and they’ll also be able to offer advice on how to prevent future issues.

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How much does it cost to have a garage door repaired or replaced

The cost of having a garage door repaired or replaced will vary depending on the extent of the damage and the type of door you have. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for repairs. For a complete replacement, you’ll likely pay between $1,500 and $3,000.

When to replace your garage door

There are a few circumstances in which it’s better to replace your garage door rather than attempt to repair it. If the door is more than 20 years old, it’s probably not worth repairing since it won’t be as energy-efficient as a newer model. Additionally, if the damage is extensive (e.g., the frame is warped or the springs are broken), it’s also better to replace the door.

In most cases, however, you should be able to repair your garage door rather than replace it. With a little time and effort, you can keep your door in good working order for many years to come.

So, if you’re like most people and use your garage to store at least some of your belongings, then it’s important that you keep it in good condition. A faulty garage door can lead to a lot of problems down the road, from water damage caused by a leaky roof to pests getting into your home through the opening. Not only is it important to have a properly functioning garage door for the security of your belongings and home, but it also provides peace of mind knowing that everything is safe and sound when you’re not there. If you think your garage door might be faulty, don’t wait until it breaks completely – contact us today at (760) 530-6325. Top Pro Garage Door in Palm Desert for all your garage door repair and replacement needs.

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